Semi Precious Gemstone Agate Coasters Set

Semi Precious Gemstone Coasters Set

Semi precious gemstone agate Coasters shield the area or surface of a tabletop or many other area where you may set your glass. Residence houses commonly will have beer mats roll out across the tables and counters. These may get used not just to shield the surface of the tables, as they are handcrafted made of semi precious stones so it can also be used to spread serenity and elegance around the glass or serve as an classy table accessories. Semi precious stones agate coasters are often look beautiful to spread positive elegance around your places. Semi precious gemstone agate, quartz, amethyst, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli coasters are the most unique and trending accessories with golden and silver border gives the most beautiful feelings in your office and home.

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Coasters Specification

Semi Precious Gemstone coasters are unique, bold and luxury and the top healing stones ever to impose the positive waves into your office places, dining and other loving places. yellow agate is the top most designer semi precious stones to use in many application to mesmerize the modern and contemporary world architecture. height stones is always defined as the creator of best creative semi precious stone products and articles. We are producing 1,00,000 quantity of pieces every month and delivering throughout the world. below given sizes are most popular sizes of coasters

  • Semi Precious Gemstone Round Coasters Set Size - 4 inch to 6 inch dia

  • Semi Precious Square Gemstone Coasters Set Size - 4 inch x 4 inch

  • Semi Precious Gemstone Random Coasters Set