Purple Gava Agate Slabs Surface Tiles

Purple Gava Agate Gemstone

Tiles Slabs Surface

Purple Gava Agate slabs surface tiles have amazing color features including high crystallized form made from gava agate family and resourced from Argentina and Brazil. Purple gava agate stone tiles slabs have much more translucency features to provide amazing combination with luxury interior decoration on wall application and other interior applications. We are working regularly to improve our semi precious stone product range to satisfy every type of interior application needs. This stone is offered in the form of tiles, slabs and other customized sizes. Fill out enquiry form and get best price for pink gava agate slabs surface tiles


Blue Agate

Our most unique  purple gava agate slabs gemstone slabs surface tiles technical specifications are as follows :

Chemical Formula


Hardness Mohs






Lifestyle Interior Application Concept

Purple Gava Agate Gemstone can be applicable as - Tiles, slabs, counter tops, work tops, table tops, wall applications, floor application, chandelier, table lamps, floor lamps, wash basin, sinks, pedestal, bathtub, swimming pool covering, fireplace surround, vanity mirror surround, door handle, door knobs, faucet set, living room interior, bedroom interior, reception counter tops, center table, dining table, console table, bar counter top, spa decor, swimming pool coping and walls escalator interior and many other applications. your idea are also welcome for product developments.

Purple Gava Agate Slabs Surface Tiles

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