Luxury Gemstone Countertops, Worktops and Bartops

Semi Precious Luxury Furniture Counter tops, Worktops and Bar tops

We provide best quality semi-precious stone luxury gemstone countertops, worktops and bar tops for indoor spaces. Also, all luxury countertops can be customised as per user desired requirements from the vast collection of semi-precious stones, colour, size and finishes of the product. height stones have the vast team of experienced proficient workers and we can also provide you just what you desire. Now with our semi precious gemstone product designs and clients can change the usual natural stone or wooden countertops to beautiful and unique luxury furniture semi-precious gemstone countertops, worktops, bartops.

Amethyst Bar Counter Top

Amethyst Bathroom Vanity Top

Amethyst Luxury Kitchen Counter Top

Black Agate Bar Counter Top

Black Agate Kitchen Counter Top

Black Agate Luxury Counter Top

Blue Agate Bathroom Vanity Top

Blue Agate Counter Top

Blue Agate Kitchen Counter Top

Carnelian Bar Counter Top

Carnelian Kitchen Counter Top

Grey Agate Bathroom Vanity Top

Grey Agate Kitchen Counter Top

Labradorite Bathroom Counter Top

Labradorite Kitchen Counter Top

Lapis Lazuli Bathroom Counter Top

Lapis Lazuli Bathroom Vanity Top

Mix Agate Counter Top

Multi Color Agate Bathroom Counter Top

Petrified Wood Bathroom Vanity Top

Petrified Wood Counter Top

Petrified Wood Luxury Work Top

Pink Quartz Luxury Kitchen Counter Top

Red Carnelian Luxury Bar Top

Red Carnelian Luxury Counter Top

Pink Quartz Luxury Kitchen Counter Top

Red Jasper Kitchen Counter Top

Smoky Quartz Bar Counter Top

Tiger Eye Blue Bathroom Vanity Top

Tiger Eye Blue Counter Top

Tiger Eye Gold Bar Counter Top

Tiger Eye Gold Kitchen Counter Top

Tiger Eye Luxury Table Top

White Quartz Bathroom Counter Top

White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top

White Quartz Kitchen Counter Top

White Quartz Kitchen Work Top

Yellow Agate Bar Counter Top

Yellow Agate Counter Top

Semi Precious Stone Counter tops, Work tops, Bar tops Applications

Semi precious stone pedestal wash basin sinks are very rich looking and used to decorating the interiors as the luxury semi precious stones are very colorful and have high aesthetic appeal. The leading exporters, manufacturers, suppliers make pedestal wash basin sinks with quality gemstones and height stones is one of them. Height stone is having some standard sizes of pedestal sinks and we can customize pedestal sinks according to client’s requirement also. standard sizes are give below.